Is Working From Home Damaging Your Posture?

Is Working From Home Damaging Your Posture?

Many of us are now working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions imposed to prevent further spreading. This is great for those of us who enjoy our work and can home work whilst retaining our productivity, and our sanity!  But who amongst us has given a thought for the design of the furniture we are now sitting and working at every day?  

What are you sitting upon whilst you work?
  • Dining room chair?
  • Old office chair? 
  • Sofa? 
  • Stool? 

Unexplained back or pelvic pain might be explained by the very chairs we are sitting upon.

Here are the three top tips you can incorporate into your working life which can help. 

  1. Daily pelvic exercises will strengthen your core and help prevent stress to your back 
  2. Pelvic tilts can be done at your desk and you will feel a difference in your posture immediately
  3. Pelvic tightening …. the perfect combination of slow and fast contractions 3 times a day

Strengthening your core will assist your back and put less strain on it. A strong core supports a strong back.  Do be careful not to fall into the category of the 60% of us who are not doing their pelvic exercises correctly.  I am offering one-to-one sessions, online.  Make sure you are carrying out your exercises correctly. 

There are things you can do whilst sitting at your desk.  If you have a Pilates ball at home they can help you to engage your core muscles whilst sitting. Brilliant. Work your core whilst you answer your emails! A balance cushion works in a similar way, engaging some key core muscles whilst you work. 

Strengthen, Engage, Stabilise. 

3 reasons why you should sit on a balance cushion or physio ball at your desk

  1. It helps strengthen your deep abdominals
  2. It helps strengthen your pelvic floor
  3. Enables dynamic seating





Notice the difference in my posture in the two photographs .

Using a balance ball or cushion will help strengthen your core, whilst you work! …and your boss will never know! 

If you feel you would benefit from a one to one online session, find out more here.