Managing Your Menopause

Managing Your Menopause

Everyone goes through the menopause at about 50 years of age. Some ladies  have very few symptoms and others really struggle with the hormonal and physical changes affecting their lives.

Menopause can affect our health, heart, minds, musculoskeletal systems, bladder, libido and more.

Seeking advice is so important and as a women’s health physio I can help and direct you along the right path to living a better life.

I am  currently taking this fabulous course, Menopause Management for Physiotherapists .I can’t wait to pass on my newly acquired knowledge to you.

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Here’s Lucy!

Here’s Lucy!

Hello and welcome to my first blog on my new website.  My name is Lucy Bendle and I have been practising physiotherapy since 1984.  I qualified as a Physiotherapist at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

After doing my junior rotations which included working with the heart transplant team I spent two years travelling and working in the UK and Europe.

I returned to South Africa where I worked in private practice for 12 years. During this period I attended various courses and was the physiotherapist for the South African veteran cycling team. I also ran marathons and ultra marathons and treated many runners.  I also served in the executive committee of the South African Society of Physiotherapy and represented them at the Africa conference and the World Confederation for Physical Therapy conferences.

In 2000 I moved to the UK with my husband and children. Since then I have worked all over the North east in the NHS, Occupational Physiotherapy and Private Practice.  My clinic is based in Blackwell Lane, Darlington and I am make home visits to any patient unable to attend my clinic.

I am passionate about helping people in pain get better and achieve their goals in life. A lot of the time we need to retrain our muscles and joints to move optimally.